it wasn’t too long ago, only a couple years, that ethan and aiden were just regular high school kids. they played sports, teased each other about girls, and made stupid youtube videos.

well…maybe not completely regular. there was the whole werewolf thing.

but that was just something that came second nature to them, a special club they were born into, like being twins. so once a month they’d run with their father in the woods, always coming home exhausted but exhilarated enough to keep them hyped for hours afterwards.

except the time they came back to empty drawers, a vacant garage, and a note with a simple,

"i’m sorry."

no, that night instead of horsing around or playing hoops to ease some of the excess adrenalin still coursing through them, ethan and aiden deflated like a balloon past it’s prime. their father spent the rest of the following day searching for their mom and calling all of her friends to try and contact her, to no avail of course.

they’ve since learned if someone doesn’t want to be found..they won’t be.

things didn’t really start to get rough until the realization that mom wasn’t coming back had sunk in a month or two later. that’s when the blame started…and the drinking. a father figure who drinks can be scary enough on it’s own, especially when he throws out emotionally crippling accusations about the boys being at fault for their mother’s leaving. but add in the fact that the person they used to look up to and joke with, who now only looks at them with hate and pain in his eyes, is an alpha werewolf? and the situation goes from scary to life-threatening in the blink of a red-tinged eye.

so while they’ll never know what prompted their mother to abandon them to the hell that followed over the next year without explanation, the twins know with complete certainty that the blame for their father’s death is 100% on their heads.

he didn’t mean to, he really didn’t, but their dad had been drinking (again), and had started in on the son closest to him, this time aiden, about how “it was no wonder their mom left them for another family somewhere, why would she want to stick around to deal with such a useless, pathetic excuse for a son?” earlier than normal. aiden could take it, he was used to it at this point, but when his dad, the man that had taught him and ethan to ride matching bikes, who had tried to help them with fractions and later gave advice on girls, when the only parent he had left started to get physical, that’s when ethan stepped in. he really didn’t mean to, but he was just protecting his brother, his other half, his anchor…and made them orphans in the process.

it took awhile afterwards to deal with the new surge of power and everything else that came with being alphas. they of course hadn’t expected to become alphas for many, many years yet, maybe when they both had families of their own and their father had passed of natural causes, perhaps. but not as teenagers. not together. not because of self-defense turned patricide. thankfully they didn’t have to deal with the learning curve alone. and luckily it wasn’t too long after being on the road they found the alpha pack and settled into their new dysfunctional family.

ethan and aiden never talk about their lives before the alpha pack. their mindset is always looking forward, moving forward. the next step, the next hurdle, the next town. this time it’s beacon hills, and though they may be highschoolers again…

there’s no room for silly youtube videos anymore.

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